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In this video I am showing a composition of scribles between born and re-born. It is related to a memory of my nephew who was born at the same year my eldest brother died. My mother believes her lost son is coming back to her life. 

I express my way of the lines of Rebirth by diving in the world of a newborn that holds a pencil  the first time to make the spontanious scribbles without thinking.


Working with the young artists Giovanni Jona, Overdo Berghout and Merredith Berghout  in the Living Art show, I direct an atmosphere of a womb by letting the artists scribble in the dark theatre room and create their own storylines of rebirth.

read column by Kit-ling Tjon Piang Gi 

Photographer: Ada Korbe and Dirk

Dweight Warsodikromo (Choreographer of the Living Art Show)

Alida Neslo (coördinator of the project)

still Video and Living art show in

'The carriers of the images'

Collaboration with Jona Giovanny, Overdo Berghout & Merridith Berghout

Theatre Thalia - Suriname


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