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I, Razia Barsatie (SR, born in 1982), wish to radically shatter taboos surrounding the discussion of particular subjects. The core of my work is my quest for freedom from the culturally imposed power structures that rule daily life as well as the suppression of emotions. In order to challenge some prevailing patterns of thought in public spaces, my artistic activity centers on putting these subjects in a more negotiable perspective. In light of this, I am forced to address the cultural customs that my ancestors brought from India to Suriname over 150 years ago and that have persisted there as if time had stopped.


By exploring the question, "What happens between the conscious and unconscious minds?" and attempting to understand the moral transformation that occurs in human behavior, I am transforming the way that I deal with the traumas and anxieties that have been a part of me since I was a child into a healing process. By employing natural materials as tools in this healing journey, I create a mutually beneficial relationship between the resonances of my inner voice and how it manifests visually in my artwork.


By using this method of creating art, I set out to lift the taboo and shame around conversations about gender and sexuality. A future immersed in holistic well-being is facilitated by the conversation that is ignited between the viewer and the artwork, which acts as a catalyst for the development of a more resilient and enlightened communal psyche.

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